Dusky Grouper

(Epinephelus marginatus)

The fish

Dusky Grouper(Epinephelus marginatus) is an emblematic and valued fish, reaching high cost in the market.

Easily adapted to high density during production, this feature makes it an excellent choice for different breeding systems..


More than 70 breeders are accomodated in two tanks of 80 TON capacity in addiction to other auxiliary tanks.
All identified by microchip and DNA.
There are two broodstock groups:one is composed by wild fish for restocking and stock enhancement purposes and other by fish born in REDEMAR, modified under genetic enhancement program to improve growing.

Redemar was the first commercial company to develop Dusky Grouper (Epinephelus marginatus) reproduction in captivity and larviculture, is listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature as in risk of extinction due to over-fishing practices.Therefore, the success of Grouper fingerling production in captivity is very important not only commercially (grow out), but also for preserving the species through through restocking or stock enhancement programs.

We are open for new partnerships with companies that share our philosophy.


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